Monday, 30 May 2011

Human Centipede (first sequences)

The Basics

Human Centipede (first sequences) is a Netherlands film which was made in 2009. Tom Six is the mind that is behind this film as he directed, produced and writer. So all in all he gets all the blame for this film. This film is about a mad scientist, horror, concepts, god complex and why Americans should never travel across Europe, didn’t they learn anything from Hostel and Hostel: Part II.  

What is this film about?

Well the film starts off like most new wave American B movie where instead of the young Americans being lost on a dark road in American or at a very dodgy looking camp site there on their holiday traveling across Europe. Because as we all know there isn’t any killers left in America so their teenagers have to come to Europe to be killed.  

We meet our two travels, Jenny and Lindsay, just two girls having a good time in Germany who plan to go out to a club one night. So they get ready, get in their rental car and drive off to the club and if you’re like me you already start to question ‘why are they taking a car if they’re going to get drunk in a club?’. I like to think one of them was going to be the designated driver.  As they drive, their car gets a flat tire in the middle of some dark woods in the middle of nowhere. Now i have never been to Germany but if I was them and I think most people would do the same, if I was going to a club I don’t think I would take the road that goes through the woods as club are mainly in places with other buildings like city’s. As the girls run around the woods looking for help they come across a house where they are let in by an older man who seems a bit strange. I don’t think I need to say but those two girls end up being drugged and tired up in the basement /laboratory. After this the old man called Dr Heiter goes out and gets another victim to match the two girl’s flesh type and the rest of the film you can gather from the title really. 

My views on it

I first came to hear of this film by word and mouth but not much and then I came across South Park’s parody of this film called humanentipad. From watching this I had to see the film. Form the start I accepted that it was going to be a low budget film that was based completely around one concept and that people only watch it for novelty reasons. So I am trying to say I didn’t have high exceptions for it. And even with all this I still thought that this was a rubbish film.

As you sit and watch this film you will notices plot hole after plot hole like why doesn’t the doctor who can speak German and English put one of the English specking girls at the front and not the Japanese guy? How does the Human Centipede get up and down the stairs? And the film is very medically inaccurate.

But the main problem I have with this film is that the concept of the human centipede is very poorly done. You wait about 50 minutes to see what you hope will be gross, messed up surgery that’s complex and in a very dark way is genius and this wired freaky abomination that is not three people but a being in itself.  But no its just 3 people in a line, stitch together by mouth to ass which is just dull and as we get to see the human centipede for the next 40 minute the idea of it just becomes mundane . So the only real hope this film had was to be a gross and to have shock value and it doesn’t even have that.    
Favourite Quote 

Jenny: [speaking on a hotel phone] Hi. Yes, um, I was wondering if I could get driving directions to a nightclub called Bunker. Yes, Bunker. How exactly would I get there ?

Rating 1/5 stars 

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garethb said...

Good review kev. Funny. Definitely tell that it's your opinion. Keep them coming. (I don't think i'll be watching this film,lol)